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Springer tugs/Plans

Warning Building Springer Tugs can become infectious

Gtmbc Springer Class Rules

Size 18" (460mm) long, 8" (200mm) wide
Hull profile as per plans.
Construction material, anything, any weight.
No sharp corners on hull edge to stop damage to other boats in combat   
There must be a superstructure above the decks Min size 4"x4"x4" (100mm x 100mm x 100mm) whole or in parts,other than that whatever you like, tugs, warships, tanks, house, duck, sailing ship, shed, car, etc, etc.
Motor will be 540 (Speed 600) or less.

Any gears reductions clutches etc allowable but must not be used to steer the boat in any way.

Single propshaft with Single propeller 11\2 inch (40mm) Dia.
Max battery voltage 7.2v - any battery type
Max surface area (fixed or moving) not to exceed 4 Sq inches 25 Sq mm  



How to Build a Springer by allan wing (PDF DOC)

I have found these plans on the internet and put them here for club members that are interested in building one.

Plan1   Plan2   Plan3   Plan4   Plan5   Plan5 (word Document)   Plan6

loads of springer pictures HERE just keep scrolling throgh